Blog 23: Dutchies Hostel’s Review Contest 2024

It’s finally here! The search for the most creative, honest and informational review has started. Here are some details about our competition:

In order to participate in the competition you just have to use a phrase:


(standalone or as a hashtag). Only reviews with that phrase can take part in the competition.

There are 3 prizes every month for all three top reviews.

1. First prize is a 100 euro.
2. Second prize is 2 days of free stay for 2 people in Dutchies Hostel.
3. Third place prize is 1 day of free stay for one person in Dutchies Hostel.


Just leave a review on your booking channel and use the hashtag above and you can win one of those three prizes.  More on how we judge the reviews below the results.


November 2023 RESULTS:

Congratulations to the victors of November edition. We are just scratching the surface with the awareness for our Competition. Hope more of you guys will submit entries in upcoming months. Nevertheless great creativity from the entries, once more congratulations!

Place nr 2 with an average score of 5,92 goes to:

Thank you for your amazing review and congratulation on second prize – 2 days stay for 2 people. Please claim it within a year and enjoy – you can of course add more days just contact us.

<drumroll> And the Winner of the first month of our competition iiiis:

Congratulations Fanie, thank you for writing this amazing review, making pancakes for people and posting pictures of some of our artwork. With the avg score of 6,73 you have taken down the first prize of 100 euro. Please contact us via phone or email to claim it. We also responded to your review on google with this information. Thanks for staying with us, till next time!


December 2023 RESULTS:

Happy New Years to everyone. We hope you aare off to a great start and we wish ya’ll all the best!

We have found the top reviews for the December edition. Thank you for all the reviews you guys made, and we wish more of you were aware of this contest. We are looking forward to see you express creativity and honesty going forward.

Now to the part some of you have been waiting for… the results:

Place nr 3 goes to this wholesome review from Benedetta. We loved having you! You can claim your 1 day for 1 person for free anytime*.

The 2nd place goes to Carolina from Brazil. We are sure glad you made it to our hostel and felt so great. Thank you for the detailed review and we hope to have you soon since you win 2 days free for 2 people*.

aaaaand finally congratulations to the winner -Julia! With this heartwarming review you have secured our hearts. Big ups for mentioning the receptionists by name and we are so happy you felt at home with us. May everybody have such long lasting and amazing memories from our space like you.

(Will be posted by 10th of January 2024, GL to everybody, may the Shakespearean spirit be with you. ) And posted they have been. The asterix (*) next to the second and third place winner means that the prize is pending and can be claimed upon contacting us. We already tried to contact the contestants and will do so for another week. Should we not be able to after that time they still can approach us to claim their prizes. 

January 2024 results:

Thank you for all the amazing reviews that were posted this month. Our hearts got bigger while reading them, because the vast majority was heartwarming.  After having a brain storm we were able to pick the winners of this month.

Aaaaaaaand the winner this month is Maph with his amazingly honest review made on Bookingcom! We were sorry you had to check out as well, but we hope you will come visit us in the future! Make sure to contact us or pick up our phone calls to claim your prize of 100 euro.

Aaaaand the runner up in this months competition is Simon M with one of the longest and most detailed reviews we have ever gotten. Congratulations on your finesse Ese 😉 
You can claim your 2 free days for 2 people anytime by contacting us.

And last but definitely not least, the third place and our sincere congratulations go to Julia. The level of poetry enclosed in this review took us by a pleasant surprise. Let us know when you’d like to come and use your free day( boasting rights apply all the time).

February 2024 results:

Thank you for all your amazing reviews in the shortest month of the year. Maybe that’s why there were only two entries into our competition. We hope you get the wheels of typing oiled up. 
As for the results of February, big ups to our first place finisher Damian K and his flawless review (hopefully not AI generated). We are happy you enjoyed your time with us and see all those things. Sinan and Luka send their regards back and we the Dutchies Hostel are always open!

The second place goes to Manon. We are so happy our receptionist was able to speak some French as it is our weakest of Eurpean languages hence it makes us even happier that you felt at home. You win two days free for two people so next time you are in Amsterdam in the same configuration just text us on Instagram and you are set. Thank you!

March 2024 results:

Post up guys! March is the second to last month of our contest. Good luck!


Scoring and rules:

Every month starting from November 2023 we ( commitee consisting of minimum 3 Dutchies Hostel receptionist) will be picking top 3 reviews and awarding prizes to their authors. The review has to be posted in that month and here are the cryteria that will determine the overall score of the review in our eyes:
1………….10 – Honesty

1………….10 – Creativity

1………….10 – Informational value/Feedback

1………….10 – Helpful to others

1………….10 – Is it funny?

1………….10 – Personal touch/staff story

1………….10 – Uniqueness 

x………….10 – Channel Score(Review Value)

The scores will be given by our staff in each catgory and the average will be calculated. Top 3 reviews get posted here with their score and corresponding prize.

Previous winners get another row with a score 1/10 for each win making it possible to win couple times but harder to do so. 

The results will be presented on our website the latest on every 10th of the following month. Contest is meant to run for 6 months from November 2023 to April 2024.

We will be trying to get in touch with the winners for 7 days after the results are in. After that it is up to the winner of the contest to contact us to claim the prize. 

Taxes may apply to your prize according to your tax residency. 

If our opinion is not fair according to you, or you have any questions about our competiton or it’s results you can direct your questions and concerns to our official email and within 30 days we will respond to your querry.