Blog 3: Dutchies Hostel – Music in the hostel

Here in Dutchies we love to listen to music when we are working at the reception. Of course everyone working here has a different taste in music. What most of us have in common, is that we all love different genres and not just one specific one. Sure we have preferences, but when it comes down to it, we love a big variety of music.

One of our colleagues chooses the genre depending on her mood. If she for example enjoying a day on the beach, she loves the tunes of Café del Mar. Born and raised in the Netherlands she also loves artists from the country like Golden Earring, Anouk and DJ Tiësto. Songs from some of the golden oldies are also some of her favorites like U2, Tina Turner, David Bowie and Queen.

Another colleague doesn’t really have a specific preference as long as the music has a good beat to it. Whether it’s alternative rock or r&b, her preference also depends on her mood. She also adjust the music to the guests in the lounge where the reception is. If she feels like guests are just having a nice and chill moment by reading a book, she will play something nice and relaxed. But if guests are chatting with each other and having some drinks, she prefers to play something upbeat.

Although this colleague does not have a number 1 favorite genre, hip hop comes close to it. Whether it’s a Dutch artist like Hef, Boef, Ismo or Lijpe he also loves classics from Tupac and Biggie. When he’s working he adjusts the music he plays to the guests. He’s checking their reactions and if he feels they don’t like the music, he changes it.

Music changes the atmosphere. If it’s happy and upbeat it will influence the way guests interact with each other. For us it is important that guests feel welcome and comfortable so to achieve this we create a great atmosphere with great music.

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