Blog 8: Dutchies Hostel – Sushi in Amsterdam

In Amsterdam you will find a lot of sushi restaurants. Out of the blue Amsterdam had a lot of those all you can eat restaurants. And it’s a good thing I love sushi, so now I have plenty of options to choose.

Sumo has a chain of all you can eat restaurant throughout the country. They have several locations in Amsterdam. Whether you are close to Centraal Station, at Leidseplein (party district) or just came from the cinema Pathé de Munt, you can be sure you will find a restaurant.

Genroku is one of my favorites. Not only does the restaurant looks nice, they present the sushi on a nicely shaped display. Like Sumo this an all you can eat restaurant.

Although not mainly a sushi restaurant, one of my favorite Japanese restaurants is Tanuki. You will find one in the south of Amsterdam and also in a city close to Amsterdam (take tram 5 from Centraal Station and you’re there in 20 minutes) called Amstelveen. The one in Amstelveen is a traditional izakaya type restaurant like you’ll find them in Japan. Aside from their tasty and really fresh sushi, they have a lot of other great dishes.

Because these types of restaurants are so popular, you will find a lot of them. Even if you don’t like sushi, but your friends do then it’s a good option. They always have a lot of other dishes like grilled/fried meat and fish, vegetables, soups and so on. So in conclusion, this a place for everyone!

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