Group booking (20 people or more)

Visiting Amsterdam with a large group? Make a group booking on our website! Dutchies Hostel is perfect for groups, we offer sharp rates and great conditions:

  • Every 21st person for free
  • Free parking for busses
  • Breakfast buffet 6 euros
  • All taxes are included

We will do our best to place large groups in the same room together, but due to availability we might have to split the group. Of course we will try to avoid this, as we also want everyone from the same booking in the same room. Therefore we advise you to make a group booking well ahead of time.

How to make a group booking

You can make a group booking online through the online contact form. You can also e-mail us the reservation or call us if you want more information about our hostel or your booking:


T: +31 20 2337446

Make a group booking online

When you book online through the contact form, we will send you a confirmation of your booking. If there is a problem with your booking, we’ll contact you through e-mail of phone. Your contact information will only be used to schedule your booking.