Blog 1: Dutchies Hostel – Cheap things to do in Amsterdam

Working in a hostel for several years now, I’ve met some great people. Most of these people came to the reception to ask me for some recommendations for nice things to do in Amsterdam. Since most of them are on a budget, I won’t recommend something like shopping in the PC Hooftstraat , which is where all the expensive designer stores are.

The most budget friendly thing to do, is sightseeing. Just by walking through the city, along the canals, through narrow alleys and visiting the old neighborhood Jordaan, you will get a great impression of Amsterdam and the history. Even when the weather isn’t that great, which you can expect from Amsterdam, the city still has a certain charm to it.

Dutchies Hostel is located in the neighborhood Bos en Lommer in the west of Amsterdam. Amsterdam has more to offer than just the center, the west of the city is also nice. One of my favorite streets in this area is Kinkerstraat.  From Dutchies it’s about half an hour by foot to get there. Along the way you will also see a lot of the city, which is a nice change from the crowded center.

In the Kinkerstraat you will find a lot of nice places to have some coffee or grab a bite to eat. This area is also known as the ‘Hallenkwartier’. You will find the Food Hallen here, an indoor food market with free entrance. You have a lot of options for some delicious food and drinks.

So when visiting Dutchies, be sure to drop by the reception for some recommendations.

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