Blog 19: Dutchies Hostel – What to do after Amsterdam? Visit Warsaw!

Warsaw, the capital of Poland, is an absolutely unique European city.

The biggest Polish metropoly has more to offer than you could ever imagine! This is a vibrant city where young study and party, experts make careers, artist create and perform. Risen from ashes, now Warsaw is becoming a financial hub with numerous skyscrapers and even more being built, including the highest skyscraper in the European Union.

At the same time, the city is beautifully situated by the Wisła River. Both wild and planned parks along the river contribute to spectacular panorama of the city, especially when the sun goes down.

Warsaw is a place where the heart of Poland is beating. Thanks to its unbelievable history, Warsaw is an unexceptional mix of tradition and modernism. You will see it walking along streets, seeing a blend of architecture styles, a diversity of local shops and cafes.

Understanding the rich and complicated history of the city is possible thanks to plenty of museums that it offers, including The Warsaw Upising Museum or POLIN – Museum of the History of Polish Jews.

But Warsaw is not only about history – it’s a place where innovations are born, where creative people build a new image of the city.

In Warsaw there is a variety of events for everyone – youngsters, hipsters, children, artists and more. It’s a big city and every district has its spirit and places worth visiting. If you look for tradition, the best choice will be Śródmieście and the Old Town with colorful tenements. If you’re interested in some experience out of the beaten path, you should try Praga Północ with a lot of alternative cafes and specific architecture.

Another vivid area in Warsaw is a riverside – perfect place to relax, eat delicious polish food or party in the evening. It’s full of colorful, young people who create an atmosphere of the place.

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