Blog 7: Dutchies Hostel – Coffee in Amsterdam

This might come as a surprise, but the Netherlands in a big coffee loving country. Because of that you will find a lot of nice coffee bars in Amsterdam. Since there are so many options, I will recommend a few of my favorites.

Although I’ve only been here once, I was really impressed with this place. Located in the city center, close to the museums, Back to Black is a great spot to sit down and relax after shopping or visiting the Van Gogh Museum. With its homey atmosphere and nice views of the canals, it’s really a nice spot to be.

Closer to the hostel, about a 15-20 minute walk from us, you will find White Label. This is place roasts their own coffee in the back of the store. Located in a street with a lot of shops, this is a good spot to sit and relax. Aside from enjoying a nice cup of coffee, you can also purchase the coffee they roasted for a decent price.

While this place is more like lunch room, Anne & Max do serve very nice coffee. If you are visiting the food Hallen or are in the area of Kinkerstraat, you will find this place. In this area you will find a lot to do, so if you need a break, then Anne & Max is a great place to sit.

Aside from these places, you will find a lot of great spots throughout the city.

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