Blog 17: Dutchies Hostel – Sun, cocktails and beaches

Although it’s not summer yet, we do have the feeling that it already arrived. Because it’s been, for Dutch standards, really hot these last few weeks. As soon as the sun is shining and it’s above 18 degrees, we leave our jackets home and put on our skirts or dresses. We try to enjoy as many terraces as possible and take in as much sunlight as possible. Because before you know it, the sun is gone.

So back to the weather. Since 1889 we have been keeping score of our heat records, cold records and our warmest and coldest averages. This has been done per day, month and year. Lately we have had a lot of new records. Probably because of the climate change.. We do like our new records, but we also like our environment and our country! When the climate changes to much, the Netherlands will definitely be flooded.

So this May we will set a new record for sure! Although the month isn’t over yet, we expect to have an average of 16,5 to 16,8 degrees Celsius (around 62 Fahrenheit). It’s the warmest May ever measured in the Netherlands. Just for your information, normally the average temperature in May is around 13,1 degrees Celsius and in June 15,6 degrees Celsius.

Like I said before, we Dutchies love soaking in the sun. This last month has been a blessing for us. Even the beaches have been occupied like crazy. The water isn’t the best temperature yet, but that doesn’t withhold a real Dutchie. The closest beach to Amsterdam is Zandvoort aan Zee. Take the train from Station Sloterdijk and 30 minutes later you have arrived at the beach. If you have a free day and the weather is warm and sunny, visit the beach. Take a seat on one of the terraces at the beach and order an amazing cocktail, a nice glass of wine or a beer, eat some nachos and enjoy the sun!