Who are we?

Dutchies Hostel is your home in Amsterdam! Probably the chillest hostel in the city, It is modern with big rooms that are beautifully decorated by artists from all over the world. The hostel is the ground floor of a historically landmarked building and It is located is in the west of Amsterdam and is close to Amsterdam Sloterdijk Station, which has extensive train, bus, tram, and metro connections.

Most importantly, at Dutchies Hostel we are a family. The staff goes the extra mile to make this place home, so come get to know us!
On every Friday and Thursday we have a bar open and we entertain the stories from our worldwide guests. What is your story?

Meet the Dutchies Staff:

Richard Lam

Richard is the owner of Dutchies Hostel. When Richard arrives, he brings an energy that can’t be ignored! He’s approachable and always up for new things, so be sure to tell him if you have tips for the hostel. It may be implemented next time you visit.


Sinan is an Amsterdam-local who’s enthusiastic and easy to approach. You might recognize him from his big smile or his loud voice ( should be able to hear him at the airport already), which can be heard in several languages: Dutch, English, Turkish, or German. Need tips on coffee shops? He’s the one to ask!

Blaise von Matterhorn

Blaise, from the Internet. Truly believes that information should be free and accessible. Has a PHD in Theoretical Physics and finished nursing school for puppies.  The doctors remain firm, that a penis reduction opearation is out of the question.


Franca, the Duchess of Dutchies, is an Amsterdam-local with a heart of gold and a love for 80’s and 90’s music. You may find her doodling on the corner of a page or reading a good book. Despite her level-headed demeanor, she’s always up for a party!


Our tallest receptionist comes from Croatia. Always down to give a good party reccomendations and even take you into the city for a specialised tour. If you have questions about any sport or a player he will be the first to explain all the intricacies of the given riddle.


When she is not busy learning about your story, she might be instructing a yoga class or drumming. On Thursdays you can most likely find her in the lobby during our bachata nights. She comes from the Netherlands, but speaks many languages – ask yourself!


An ex kindergarten teacher turned artist who loves to get down to some nice music. She gives good advice in Spanish and English with her amazing voice, but beware of the ‘You are dead to me’ look.

We are easy to find!

Sara Burgerhartstraat 21A
1055 KV Amsterdam
Phone +31 20 233 7446
Email info@dutchieshostel.com